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Monthly Update
May 2005

This month we've added a new recipe from Nana's dear Aunt and recipe contributor, Shoney Rosanna (Perri) Gustafson, who died in March. Shoney's simple yet delicious cauliflower recipe gets its rich flavor from its Italian heritage. Check out Shoney's Cauliflower Italian Style recipe and see for yourself. Add a bit of paprika to the top of this recipe to match Shoney's vibrant red hat!

Shoney Rosanna Gustafson
1916 - 2005

Nana and Papa Welton celebrated their 60th anniversary in April. As expected, Nana received many chocolate gifts!

Shoney also contributed her Spinach Casserole and Vermicelli with Anchovies dishes to Nana's Recipes several years ago.

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